Lawn Aerator with Hollow Tines LA-C041

Garden Tools

Product Features :

This professional lawn aerator is robust and is the ideal tool for ensuring that your lawn is kept healthy, it is made of strong steel and features 5 hollow prongs for extracting small plugs of soil allowing air and moisture to penetrate directly to the roots of the grass. Aerating the lawn reduces compaction that can build up over periods of heavy use and aids in breaking up thatch.


  • 5 prong lawn aerator

  • Allows soil to breathe easier

  • Nutrients are absorbed straight into the root

  • Aids breaking up thatch

  • Compacted soil is loosened to allow growth

Material steel 
DimensionsHeight: 90cm Width: 28cm Depth: 4cm
Surface Finish /color powder coating / various is available as request

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